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The ACT community is growing and getting stronger, which for us is a testament to the passion and enthusiasm that each of you bring to the table.
We believe it’s important to go beyond chance encounters at the track or online in our Facebook group. We want to give everyone the opportunity to meet in person, get to know each other better and engage in meaningful conversations.

Our main goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and friendship among all members. This is not about achieving individual success or making a killing. Rather, it’s about coming together for the sheer joy of a shared love of adventure and discovery. If the result at the end of the day is 0 points, but everyone had a lot of fun, we consider it a resounding success.

However, we are not there yet and need your help to make it happen! If you would like to donate your time on site to make this event extra special, please contact us at

Let’s come together, celebrate our passion and make the second ACT Camp an unforgettable experience! Stay tuned for updates, and let’s continue to create great memories as a united adventure community.

The Location

Last year, we felt completely at home on the grounds of the MSC Kleinhau. It was fantastic! There are plenty of camping spots where your motorhomes can also fit, there are showers, toilets, a clubhouse, an event tent, space for the campfire – there’s really nothing left to be desired. For us, there is hardly a better place for an ACT meeting than Kleinhau.

Even the journey there whets the appetite for more: Kleinhau, a district of the municipality of Hürtgenwald in the district of Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia, is located in the border triangle near Aachen. On the outskirts of the village in the direction of Brandenberg, there is an 1800 metre-long motocross track run by MSC-Kleinhau. The MSC-Kleinhau will be our host this year and we are looking forward to working together.

If you are travelling with a tent, you will find a place on the adjacent tent meadow. The wind turbines are quite loud, so don’t forget your earplugs. Kleinhau and the surrounding area also offers a selection of clean double and multi-bed rooms.

ACT Camp 2024

Limited place available

We have decided to make the camp as accessible as possible for everyone, which is why we are primarily dispensing with the live musicians.
For all participants, the ticket will cost 149€,

Discounts are available according to the membership, that goes without saying.
Membership Prices as follows:

Bronze 129€

Silver  99€

Gold 89€

Platinum 9,99€

This year there will again be partner tickets in combination with a member ticket for 49€. The partner tickets only includes camping.

The BASIC ticket price includes the following:

  • Camping
  • ACT-Training
  • Test Rides
  • Workshops
  • T-shirt, Stickers, Lanyard
  • Contests
  • Motocross Track from moderately difficult to demanding (not suitable for beginners)

Food is not included. We will be catered by MSC Kleinhau. To be able to plan better, we need to know the number of meals to be provided.

There is a food package for this (+89€). Without the purchase of a food package, we will not provide meals for you and you will have to take care of yourself. The MSC Kleinhau will provide meals for the booked food packages, so we want to avoid having to throw away food afterwards. 
The food package (89€)  contains the following:

  • 4 free drinks
  • Breakfast Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Lunch Friday, Saturday
  • BBQ on Thursday, dinner Friday & Saturday BBQ
    (We try to offer a vegetarian alternative to the BBQ, but you can also bring your own vegetarian options to the barbecue)

No race, no competition, no stress 😉

Prerequisite: motorbike must be street legal and roadworthy

Slowmotion Contest

WHO can be the SLOWEST ?

on a dedicated track you need to be as slow as possible. In this Contest the slowest rider will win & there is some awesome stuff to win. We will keep you updated as soon as we have finalised the prizes.


It should be small but nice.
We have therefore asked our partners to help shape the ACT Camp and are looking forward to the participation of:
  • Touratech
  • Edelweiss Bike Travel
  • KTM
  • Enduro Xperience
  • SENA 
  • Yamaha
  • Ducati
  • NEXX
and more


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ACT e.V.

Kölner Str. 95, 51515 Kürten


Event location: 

Motorsportgelände MSC Kleinhau e.V.

Nideggener Str., 52393 Hürtgenwald


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