Track Update Italy V03

Italy Track Update Italy Track Update please find the newest Track Update below, there a few smaller changes especially on day 2. We wish you a great Ride on the ACT Portugal Latest Update V03 Get the latest GPX by clicking on the link below. #RIDEACT Go to Trackpage

Track Update Pyrenees V2

Pyrenees Track Update Pyrenees Track Update The track is updated at the day 5 alternative was added.  We wish you a great Ride on the ACT Pyrenees Latest Update V2Get the latest GPX by clicking on the link below.#RIDEACT Go to Trackpage

New Video Online

New Video Online New Video online Dear Adventure Country Track fans, we receive continuously questions concerning the ACT Tracks. Which bike, which tires, which equipment, can I also drive with xyz. Of course we try to answer some of these questions via the Facebook group or the Facebook page and of course we remain available […]


ACT ACT had a Interview with Last week we had an Interview with the Senior Editor of Paul,  to talk about ACT, what is the difference to BDR, why is it important work to Save the last Adventure Tracks in Europe, and more…  you can read the full Sory here: Riding Europe […]

ACT dedicated Video at 1000PS

ACT Pyrenees at 1000PS Special Video about ACT Pyrenees Our Friends at 1000PS published a nice and informative Video (german) about ACT Pyrenees. The Founder of 1000PS Nils Müller has joined the ACT Team on this Epic Ride. #RIDEACT